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Photos of Coldwater, Michigan

Coldwater Photographs »

Photos of Coldwater Parks, Trails, Historic Spots & More


Trails 0

Trails 1

The trail along the Sauk River meanders from Rotary Park and then along Riverside Dr.
More of the trail along the Sauk River.

Trails 2

Trails 3

Trail along Sauk River Drive.
Part of the trail at Rotary Park.

Trails 4

Trails 5

The paved trail on the north side of Chicago Street/US-12 to Heritage Recreation Area.
There is a paved trail along Sauk River Drive near Waterworks Park.

Trails 6


Riding bikes at Heritage Recreation Area.

  Jefferson Park

Jefferson Park 0

Jefferson Park 1

Jefferson Park is next to Jefferson Elementary School.
The park has a small playground.

  Jaycees Park

Jaycees Park 0

Jaycees Park 1

Basketball courts at Jaycees Park.
Jaycees Park has a small playground.

  Branch County Memorial Park

Branch County Memorial Park 0

Branch County Memorial Park 1

Branch County Memorial Park has a large shelter and playground near the campground.
A view of the campground at Branch County Memorial Park.

Branch County Memorial Park 2

Branch County Memorial Park 3

Branch County Memorial Park has a beach on South Lake.
A shelter and playground are located near the front of Branch County Memorial Park.

  Rotary Park

Rotary Park 0

Rotary Park 1

Rotary Park has a large picnic shelter.
Fishing pier on South Lake at Rotary Park.

Rotary Park 2

Rotary Park 3

The parking lot at the back of Rotary Park is near the trailhead for the trail that winds along the Sauk River.
A view of the South Lake from Rotary Park.

Rotary Park 4

Rotary Park 5

Boat Launch at Rotary Park.
Rotary Park.

Rotary Park 6

Rotary Park 7

Boating on the Coldwater River near Rotary Park.
Rotary Park's fishing pier.

Rotary Park 8

Rotary Park 9

South Lake near Rotary Park.
Rotary Park is the starting point for a recreation trail that winds along the Sauk River.

  Parkhurst Park

Parkhurst Park 0

Parkhurst Park 1

The sign for Parkhurst Park.
Basketball courts at Parkhurst Park.

Parkhurst Park 2

Parkhurst Park 3

The colorful swingset at Parkhurst Park.
Picnic shelter at Parkhurst Park.

  Waterworks Park

Waterworks Park 0

Waterworks Park 1

Waterworks Park.
Swan swimming in the Sauk River near Waterworks Park.

Waterworks Park 2

Waterworks Park 3

A playground at Waterworks Park.
The home team dugout for the baseball diamond at Waterworks Park.

  Heritage Recreation Area

Heritage Recreation Area 0

Heritage Recreation Area 1

Heritage Recreation Area is well used during the summer
A paved trail winds around Heritage Recreation Area.

Heritage Recreation Area 2

Heritage Recreation Area 3

One of the playgrounds at Heritage Recreation Area.
Volleyball and basketball courts are located at the center of the park, near the clock.

Heritage Recreation Area 4

Heritage Recreation Area 5

Playing softball at Heritage Recreation Area.
Independence Recreation Building is located at Heritage Recreation Area.

Heritage Recreation Area 6


Coldwater's Heritage Recreation Area has a large skate park.

  Four Corners Park

Four Corners Park 0

Four Corners Park 1

The northwest corner of Four Corners Park.
The Chamber of Commerce is located near the southwest corner of Four Corners Park.

Four Corners Park 2

Four Corners Park 3

Another part of Four Corners Park in downtown Coldwater.
The historical marker on the northeast corner of Four Corners Park describes Coldwater's history between 1861 to 1961.

  More of Coldwater

More of Coldwater 0

More of Coldwater 1

The landscaping at Oak Grove Cemetery welcomes visitors to Coldwater.
Coldwater has many historical markers in the downtown area.

More of Coldwater 2

More of Coldwater 3

Some of downtown Coldwater.
Coldwater has many beautiful old houses.

More of Coldwater 4

More of Coldwater 5

Victorian Mansion.
Chicago Pike Inn & Spa.

More of Coldwater 6

More of Coldwater 7

More of downtown Coldwater.
Branch District Library.

More of Coldwater 8

More of Coldwater 9

Tibbits opened in 1882.
The Elks Lodge dates back to 1906.

More of Coldwater 10

More of Coldwater 11

Coldwater's municipal building.
A favorite spot in Coldwater.

More of Coldwater 12

More of Coldwater 13

Coldwater's historic library is located adjacent to Four Corners Park.
The northwest corner of Four Corners Park.

More of Coldwater 14

More of Coldwater 15

East Chicago Street is a National Register Historic District.
One of the many beatuiful, historic houses on East Chicago Street.

More of Coldwater 16

More of Coldwater 17

On Chicago Street/US-12, near I-69, there are many restaurants.
American Legion Post 52 in Coldwater.

More of Coldwater 18

More of Coldwater 19

Coldwater Cinema is on Willowbrook Road and features first-run movies.
Allen's Root Beer Drive-in is a Coldwater favorite during the summer.

More of Coldwater 20

More of Coldwater 21

The Wing House Museum.
The Capri Drive-in shows popular movies during the summer. It's on US-12, just west of Coldwater.

More of Coldwater 22


Downtown Coldwater at night.

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