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Photos of Parks, Trails, Historic Locations and More in Gladstone, Michigan

Gladstone Area Photographs »

Gladstone, Michigan Area Photographs

  Gladstone Lighthouse

Gladstone Lighthouse 0

Gladstone Lighthouse 1

Gladstone's lighthouse is located close to the entrance for the harbor.
The lighthouse on a winter day.

  Gladstone Parks

Gladstone Parks 0

Gladstone Parks 1

Gladstone Beach at Van Cleve Park has a cool water slide.
A marker near the main entrance for the park honors Frank Van Cleve.

Gladstone Parks 2

Gladstone Parks 3

Gladstone Beach House is located at Van Cleve Park.
Gladstone Harbor at Van Cleve Park.

Gladstone Parks 4

Gladstone Parks 5

Van Cleve Park's gazebo and trail bridge on a winter day.
More of Gladstone Harbor.

Gladstone Parks 6

Gladstone Parks 7

Harbor Point Fishing Pier at Van Cleve Park.
Boat launch at Van Cleve Park.

Gladstone Parks 8

Gladstone Parks 9

Rules for the skate park are posted near the ramps.
Skate Park for skateboarders at Van Cleve Park.

Gladstone Parks 10

Gladstone Parks 11

Gladstone's Van Cleve Park has nice picnic shelter.
Another photo of the beach at Van Cleve Park.

Gladstone Parks 12

Gladstone Parks 13

Gladstone Little League teams play on the ball diamonds located at the Gladstone Sports Complex.
Chalet at the Gladstone Ski Hill that's part of the Gladstone Sports Complex.

Gladstone Parks 14

Gladstone Parks 15

Climbing a hill to snowboard at the Gladstone Ski Hill.
View from the top of a hill at the Gladstone Ski Hill.

Gladstone Parks 16

Gladstone Parks 17

Picnic shelter at Pfotenhauer Park.
Tennis courts at Pfotenhauer Park.

Gladstone Parks 18

Gladstone Parks 19

Pocket Park is near downtown.
Another view of Pocket Park.

Gladstone Parks 20

Gladstone Parks 21

View from East Buckeye Park.
Boat Access Site on Little Bay De Noc near Kipling.

Gladstone Parks 22

Gladstone Parks 23

Boat launched from the access site.
The boat access site is used by ice fishermen in the winter to reach the thick ice over Little Bay De Noc.

Gladstone Parks 24

Gladstone Parks 25

Launcing a boat on Little Bay De Noc.
Little Bay De Noc is very popular with area ice fishermen.

Gladstone Parks 26

Gladstone Parks 27

Pier at William Bullen Memorial Fishing Facility.
View from the fishing pier.

Gladstone Parks 28

Gladstone Parks 29

There is a parking area and vaulted toilet across the street from the pier at the William Bullen Memorial Fishing Facility.
5th Street Park has playground equipment.

Gladstone Parks 30


A basketball court is on the north side of 5th Street Park.

  Gladstone Area Trails

Gladstone Area Trails 0

Gladstone Area Trails 1

A paved trail winds around Van Cleve Park.
Walking on the path at Van Cleve Park.

Gladstone Area Trails 2

Gladstone Area Trails 3

Snowmobile trail on the north side of M-35, west of downtown Gladstone.
Another photo of the snowmobile trail on the west side of Gladstone.

Gladstone Area Trails 4

Gladstone Area Trails 5

There is a paved bike and pedestrian trail along parts of M-35.
The paved trail passes Grace Baptist Church on M-35.

  Bike Route to Kipling

Bike Route to Kipling 0

Bike Route to Kipling 1

Cyclists can ride on the paved shoulder along N Lake Shore Drive.
The bike route passes through Kipling.

Bike Route to Kipling 2

Bike Route to Kipling 3

Kipling Bar is located near the bike route.
Kipling House Bed and Breakfast is on N Lake Shore Drive along the wide road-shoulder bike route.

  Bike Route to Manistique

Bike Route to Manistique 0

Bike Route to Manistique 1

A cyclist rides on the shoulder of US-2 near Rapid River.
Nearing Rapid River on US-2.

Bike Route to Manistique 2

Bike Route to Manistique 3

Through Rapid River, you will need to ride on the outside edge of the outer lane.
The road shoulder starts at the city limits leaving Rapid River.

Bike Route to Manistique 4

Bike Route to Manistique 5

There are passing lanes at points along US-2, such as this one in Garden Township, and cyclists will want to stick to the outside and the road shoulder.
A barn near Thompson along US-2.

Bike Route to Manistique 6

Bike Route to Manistique 7

Entering Manistique.
Lake Michigan near US-2.

  Bike Route to Marquette

Bike Route to Marquette 0

Bike Route to Marquette 1

Cyclists will need to ride on the outer edge of M-35 when leaving downtown Gladstone.
The road shoulder starts before 29th Street, and cyclists can ride on the shoulder for M-35 to reach Brampton, Rock, and Little Lake.

Bike Route to Marquette 2

Bike Route to Marquette 3

Riding on the side of M-553 on the way to Marquette.
A view of M-553, north of Gwinn, on the way to Marquette.

Bike Route to Marquette 4


There are several hills along M-553 that offer scenic views and a few thrills.

  More of Gladstone

More of Gladstone 0

More of Gladstone 1

Some of downtown Gladstone.
Along US-2/US-41 in Gladstone, an old train engine honors the Soo Line.

More of Gladstone 2

More of Gladstone 3

Gladstone Bay Campground is on the east side of Gladstone.
Super Valu Foods is on the north side of Gladstone.

More of Gladstone 4

More of Gladstone 5

WC Cameron Elementary School.
Gladstone City Hall.

More of Gladstone 6

More of Gladstone 7

A winter day in a residential area of Gladstone.
Memorial United Methodist Church.

More of Gladstone 8

More of Gladstone 9

Downtown Gladstone decorated for the holidays.
Brampton Bike & Ski is in downtown Gladstone.

More of Gladstone 10

More of Gladstone 11

Dairy Flo is a great spot to get some ice cream on a summer day.
United Evangelical Covenant Church in Gladstone.

More of Gladstone 12

More of Gladstone 13

All Saints Catholic Church.
Gladstone Community of Christ.

More of Gladstone 14

More of Gladstone 15

Boating on Little Bay De Noc.
Gladstone Yacht Club.

More of Gladstone 16

More of Gladstone 17

A beautiful tree on a fall day in Gladstone.
Gladstone's public library.

More of Gladstone 18

More of Gladstone 19

The American Legion Post in Gladstone..
More of downtown Gladstone.

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